Mirra Andreeva, a tennis player from Krasnoyarsk, had no plans to change citizenship


The agent of the athlete from Krasnoyarsk Mirra Andreeva, Lev Kassil, commented to MK in Krasnoyarsk on the message of the American publication about the desire of the 16-year-old tennis player to change her sports citizenship and compete for France.

An athlete from Krasnoyarsk Mirra Andreeva was not going to change her sports citizenship and play for France. This was stated by the tennis player’s agent Lev Kassil.

“The source of the morning news gave incorrect information. The issue of other citizenship was not and is not on the agenda, ”explained the athlete’s representative in a commentary to“ MK in Krasnoyarsk ”.

Previously information appeared about the fact that a 16-year-old tennis player from Krasnoyarsk decided to play for France, as she lives and trains in this country. The original source was Tennis World USA.

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