Ministry of Internal Affairs: Rules for driving an electric scooter are not included in the practical part of the exam


Ministry of Internal Affairs employees do not conduct a practical exam on the rules for driving electric scooters and other means of individual mobility (SIM) with candidates for a driver’s license. According to TASS, as a result of changes made to the rules of the road, questions on driving these vehicles are now included in the exam, but only in its theoretical part.

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that with the entry into force of changes in the rules of the road from March 1, changes were made to tickets for a theoretical exam for obtaining a driver’s license for all categories of vehicles.

These changes included rules for the use of electric scooters and other personal mobility aids (PIMs). In addition, the changes touched upon issues related to the validity of signs 3.29 and 3.30 (no parking on even/odd days of the month), the use of a new information light section in the form of a silhouette of a pedestrian and an arrow with a flashing white-moon signal located below the traffic light, as well as sign 3.27 (no stopping) when used in conjunction with yellow horizontal road markings (marking 1.4).

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