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Kommersant Style talks about how to look good for those who are ready to go to a beautician, but are suspicious of “beauty injections”.

Talk about droppers, injections, fillers does not stop – everything that can fill the skin or the body as a whole with useful substances, hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants has long become a very profitable business. However, recently, more and more statistics come across about people refusing to pump their faces with drugs, unwillingness to look unnatural and puffy. A return to natural proportions and less traumatic procedures is a very predictable step: the funds are not cheap, and the effect of them, as the history of cosmetology has shown in the last couple of years, is not comparable with investments that must be repeated every four months to six months. In addition, there are nuances of recovery after injections: bruises, swelling, which not everyone is ready to accept. It’s time for needlephobes (or aichmophobes), that is, those who are afraid not only of needles, but in general, of any sharp objects. Experts support the general “sparing” nervous system trend.

Svetlana Vlasova, cosmetologist at MilFay beauty salons, believes that modern cosmetology is far from just about injections. “Now hardware techniques are coming to the fore, and injection procedures are partly an addition to hardware manipulations. These are all types of treatments for moisturizing the layers of the skin, for example, the Dermadrop device – non-injection mesotherapy, when during the procedure various types of serums are “driven” into the surface layers of the skin: there are moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, radiance, with a lifting effect, toning. There is even a special serum for men, which is extremely important due to the demand of the male audience for self-care,” she says.

It turns out that in order to look good, it is not at all necessary to endure pain and gradually turn into a pincushion. Today it is more than possible to get excellent results without any syringes. There are “no puncture” procedures for every request: they help with acne, improve complexion and skin tone, smooth out fine wrinkles and tighten the skin, tightening the emerging second chin. From the already mentioned Dermadrop, it is worth paying attention to the popular BBL, when, due to exposure to light, cell stimulation occurs, skin lightening, pigmentation issues and the appearance of the vascular network are removed.

SMAS-lifting on the Ultraformer device is a lifting and tightening, prevention of “lowering” of the face, stimulation of the ligamentous apparatus, impact on the muscular frame and its compaction. It is believed that men tolerate such a procedure more easily than women: due to hormonal characteristics, the sensitivity of men is different, that is, reduced.

However, not all specialists are ready to agree to refuse injections. So, Olga Moroz, head of the clinic of aesthetic medicine, believes that it is inappropriate to talk about the complete replacement of needles. “I’m all for combination programs with powerful impact and long-term effects, such as a drainage procedure plus needle RF lifting and SMAS on the Ultraformer,” she says.

So, the time for “less is more” has come: we choose what is slower, but feels more comfortable, which preserves individuality and minimizes economic risks.

Irina Kirienko

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