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Mexican Ambassador to Russia Villegas Mejias said that his country is interested in increasing the supply of tequila to the Russian Federation at the expense of small industries, because large enterprises have already established supplies to other countries.

“I would be happy to increase this number (the volume of exports of tequila to the Russian Federation.— “b”) by 200-300%, because it has proven itself very well in the market. But this is all impossible, because most of the tequila is already destined for other markets, primarily for the United States. Therefore, we are not interested in large tequila producers, but in those who have plantations of agave, what tequila is made from, in small factories that could be imported to Russia,” said Mr. Mejias in an interview. “RIA News”.

The ambassador believes that increasing the supply of tequila is the easiest way to increase trade between the Russian Federation and Mexico. In addition, he noted that Russian restaurants are already beginning to “recognize” another drink made from agave – mezcal.

In 2022, tequila sales in Russia fell in physical terms by 19.7% compared to 2021. In general, imports of strong alcohol in the Russian Federation, excluding supplies from the EAEU countries in 2022 decreasedi by 36% year on year, up to 62.46 million liters. In May this year, deliveries to Russia stopped The distributor of Olmeca tequila is the French company Pernod Ricard.

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