“Luna-25” turned out to be inoperative even before the transition to the pre-landing orbit


Scientist Eismont: problems with Luna-25 began before attempting to go into orbit

Nathan Eismont, a leading researcher at the Space Research Institute (IKI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that even before the attempt to put the Luna-25 station into a pre-landing orbit, after which communication with the device was lost, malfunctions in the operation of the device were noticed.

“The signs were, so to speak, disturbing,” the scientist said, adding that the specialists simply hoped that somehow they would be able to deal with the problems.

Eismont explained that if the detected deviation is higher than the calculated one, then this is a disturbing fact and it was necessary to wait and postpone the transfer to the pre-landing orbit.

“It’s sad that there was a time,” the scientist said, adding that apparently it was not the best decision.

Earlier, Roscosmos officially admitted that communication with the station could not be restored and it crashed into the surface of the moon and ceased to exist.

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