Kostroma now has its own master of sports in figure skating – more precisely, a master


It became known that the Kostroma eighth-grader Arina Mokhova became the first athlete in the region to receive the title of “Master of Sports in figure skating.” The girl began to figure skating at the age of 6 and now trains at the school of the Olympic reserve. Golubev under the guidance of the coach of the highest category Yulia Toshchakova.

In order to receive such a high sports title, a young athlete had to win all-Russian competitions and score at least 200 points for performance technique. Arina was able to complete both of these tasks due to the fact that she mastered the same cascade of two triples – the Lutz Rittberger, which at one time allowed Alina Zagitova to win the Olympics.

Demino Ski Marathon 2023 … how it was

Demino Ski Marathon 2023 … how it was

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