Konstanin Raikin unveiled a commemorative plaque to the rector who kicked him out of the Higher School of Economics


Anatoly Polyankin died last year while under house arrest in a fraud case.

On June 29, a memorial plaque to Anatoly Polyankin, the first rector of the Higher School of Performing Arts, was unveiled in Moscow. The event was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the death of the rector, who fired Konstantin Raikin from his school and initiated the scandalous “rebranding”. Despite this, Konstantin Arkadyevich fulfilled his recent promise and immortalized on the building of the Higher School of Economics the memory of the man, the conflict with which brought both to trial, and Polyankin to the hospital ward, house arrest and, in fact, to death. But the tragedy was a powerful factor in the application.

At the opening of the board, Konstantin Raikin said that Anatoly Evseevich “did a lot for the Satyricon Theater.” And a lot – for the School during its formation… I am very sorry, both professionally and humanly, that there was a conflict between us, and that it reached such a degree of intensity. And it is even more a pity that we could not reach an understanding while Anatoly Evseevich was still alive.

Earlier, MK reported that the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Konstantin Raikin became the rector of the Higher School of Performing Arts (HSSI), while retaining the position of artistic director of the school. Taking office marked the end of a period of “legal uncertainty” that had lasted a year and a half.

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