Kommersant: Rosbank became a new contender for Tochka bank


The Tochka project for working with small and medium-sized businesses has existed since the 2000s. In 2018, Otkritie, Qiwi and Tochka created a joint venture called Tochka, in which Otkritie had 50% plus 1 share, Qiwi had 40%, and Tochka’s management through Catalytic People had 10 % minus 1 share. In 2021, Qiwi sold its stake to Otkritie for RUB 5 billion. At that time, the entire company was valued at 11 billion rubles. Already in March 2022, Otkritie sold 90% of the shares to Trust Bank, the remaining 10% is still owned by Catalytic People.

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