“Knots”: the house that Byrd built


Trucker Byrd (Robert Saralp from Slava Polunin’s “Snow Show”) wants to retire as soon as possible, and here it is, just a stone’s throw away. The well-deserved rest house—a huge house, so that the whole village would envy—is almost built. His wife is the beautiful Dina (Svetlana Mamresheva, an actress of the Gogol Center and a participant in the Voice show), very young, not spoiled by the temptations of the big world. It does not give a reason for jealousy, but Bird does not need it. On the flight, all his thoughts are only about how Dina is at home alone. And construction workers around her. Young. Beautiful. Business goes wrong, construction is delayed, the wife suddenly shows character – and Bird starts to get angry. And his wickedness has no end. You can’t tell right away from the plot, but this feminist drama about male arrogance is a free adaptation of a legend from the Nart epic.

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