Kirkorov told how he failed the exam at GITIS


Singer Philip Kirkorova could not enter GITIS because he was not sufficiently prepared vocally. He himself told about this in the program “Once” on the TV channel NTV.

He admitted that he considers such a decision fair. Although all the examiners laughed at the fable read to him. Kirkorov wanted to study at the department of musical comedy.

But on the other hand, he entered the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music.

The singer said that he got there by accident after seeing an ad for an audition. There were 15 minutes left before the end of the exam, but he decided to take a chance. I read the fable, danced and sang “clumsily”. It seems that he went to school, but the course had already been recruited.

Kirkorov was saved by vocal teacher Margarita Landa. At one time, the popular tenor Sergei Zakharova studied with her.

“I’m taking this boy. I’ll make him a super singer, he’ll be a superstar.” And for four years she taught me to sing. I reminded her very much of Sergei Zakharov. Due to the resemblance to this great artist, I was accepted into the school, ”said Kirkorov.

He admitted that at that time he had “average data”, but he graduated from Gnesinka with honors.

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