Kirkorov discovered mysticism in the death of the bathyscaphe at the Titanic


Kirkorov urged not to disturb the resting place after the death of the crew members of the bathyscaphe “Titan”

The famous singer Philip Kirkorov spoke about the death of the bathyscaphe “Titan”. The corresponding post was published in his personal Telegram channel.

“You can’t, friends, you can’t“ play ”in such a way, disturb the place of the tragedy, which saw pain, tragedy and despair,” Kirkorov wrote.

The musician also noted that he learned about what happened from the media and realized that what happened was not an accident.

In addition, Kirkorov expressed his condolences to the relatives and friends of the victims and urged to be especially careful about the tragedy of the Titanic ship.

Recall that the ship “Titan” with tourists who wanted to see the “Titanic” disappeared on June 18. Later it turned out that the entire crew was killed.

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