Khlebnikov’s painting will open the 45th Moscow International Film Festival


The 45th Moscow International Film Festival, starting on April 20, will open a new film by Boris Khlebnikov “Bullfinch”. It will be released on June 8th.

The producer of the tape was Sergei Selyanov. Tandem Selyanov – Khlebnikov promises the audience a certain quality of the upcoming film.

– On the one hand, – says Sergei Selyanov, – this is absolutely a picture of Boris Khlebnikov, who is one of the brightest and strongest directors of today, whom we love and know. But at the same time, this is a completely different Khlebnikov. Cinema is great not only in its scale, but also in its inner strength.

The scriptwriters of the tape were Khlebnikov himself and Natalia Meshchaninova, but the novel by Georgy Vladimov “Three Minutes of Silence” is the basis.

“Bullfinch” is the name of a fishing vessel caught in a storm. Moreover, this ship is not quite simple, it is a floating refuge for a gang of sea vagrants. Different people settled on the ship, and they have different aspirations, but there is still one thing in common: to take a richer catch, earn good money, and return to shore alive. Newcomers get on the ship – Nikita and Maxim. Their hopes for a summer cruise do not fit in with the icy waves, the faces of scowling sailors and the hard work. I’ll have to leave plans for filming a video for a blog and put my own dissatisfaction with what is happening in my pocket. Moreover, the changeable sea is far from the main test that awaits the “sea wolves”.

The film starred Alexander Robak and Timofey Tribuntsev.

Elena Bulova.

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