Kazakhstan names the number of companies that want to move to the country from Russia


Aidarov said that 72 companies plan to move from Russia to Kazakhstan

About 70 organizations that left the Russian Federation are planning to move to Kazakhstan, and 29 companies have already done so. This statement was made by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Almas Aidarov at a press conference.

Aidarov specified that so far 72 companies are interested in changing the market. He stressed that individual organizations have asked the country not to announce their plans, as they are public and disclosure of data may change the share price.

On May 29, Aidarov said that the Kazakh authorities are interested in moving over 400 companies that previously worked in Russia. He noted that Honeywell and Tik-Tok have already moved, and in general, organizations from 38 countries are participating in this process. These are, in particular, corporations from Germany, Japan, the United States, and Switzerland.

The Associated Press reported that more than 500 foreign organizations curtailed their activities in the Russian Federation after the start of the NWO.

Today, according to the publication, another 151 enterprises stop working. 175 entrepreneurs are trying to “buy time”, 230 are in no hurry. The latter mainly include organizations from the PRC.

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