Katya Lel told how she learned about the gift of healing: “I sat, sobbed”


The artist hides the names of the artists she heals with her energy

Singer Katya Lel in recent years has been more and more surprising with unexpected statements. Either she admitted for the first time that she met with representatives of alien civilizations, then suddenly Anita Tsoi said that Katya … cured her broken leg over the phone. As it turned out, remote medical care for Katya Lel is already a common thing. Recently, she has found out that she has the ability to heal, as they are inherent in her since childhood. She informed Moskovsky Komsomolets about her gift.

– I made a discovery for myself. It turns out that everything is laid in us depending on the date of birth. We come here with a certain program. Another question is that you need to know this program, accept it with gratitude and use your gifts. For example, I found out that I am a mystical character, I have wonderful qualities: I can help people, I can foresee, I can give energy and be a healer. I learned this later in the process of life, when people-mystics began to tell me about it. And, it turns out, it was laid: you just need to use the science of numbers.

– That is, it was not just that Anita Tsoi said that you cured her broken leg over the phone? Share the details?

– We met then by chance on the sidelines of Mosfilm. Although, of course, nothing happens by chance. She was coming towards me in a wheelchair with a broken leg. At the same time, she was soon to have a concert. And my conscience said, “Well, I can help her.” Although she understood that she might not quite adequately perceive it. But she said, “Yes, I want to.” I said, “Let’s start right here.” And we started the process. It was necessary to call every day for a month by phone. I said that I could help in two minutes with the prayer “Our Father”. That is, these are the energies that are conducted through me by the higher forces of light. And I can just help people. This gift was given to me from the age of 16, but I was not ready for it. 30 years have passed, and I began to help. I then told Anita that at her concert she would already be on her feet without crutches. And so it happened, it was a miracle. And when I saw her every step in the Kremlin at the concert, I sat and sobbed. I just saw what kind of work it was and my responsibility for the life of another person.

– Are other people already contacting you, including from show business?

– Of course, after this story, a huge number of people began to write to me. The artists also applied, but I think if they want to talk about it, they will do it themselves. There are many requests for help, but I can not break. And if I feel in my heart that I want and must help a person whom I have never seen, I will definitely help him.

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