Kanye West school teacher sues


NBC News: Kanye West’s school teacher sues the founder and his institution

Kanye West’s school teacher is suing the founder and his institution, according to NBC News.

According to Isaiah Meadows, he was illegally fired from a private Christian school, Yeezy Christian Academy, for complaining about faulty wiring, as well as a lack of hot water and no glass in the windows.

The school administration promised to pay Meadows’ apartment rent, but never did. Because of this, he accumulated debt for the housing he moved into. The former teacher and deputy director of the school, in one person, decided to sue the institution itself and its founder, the famous rapper.

The publication writes that after the dismissal, Meadows got a job at the private Christian school Donda Academy, which is also owned by Kanye West. And there again the same problems were discovered as in the previous institution. From this school, Meadows also had to quit against his will.

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