It became known who pays the costs of servicing the "Trinity"


There are two business entities

Andrey Rublev, a masterpiece of ancient Russian art, is carried back and forth every now and then. I wonder at whose expense the “banquet”? On whose shoulders lay the cost of transporting the “Trinity”? The correspondent of “MK” understood.

So, now, after the signing of an agreement between the Ministry of Culture and the Patriarchate, the “Trinity” has two economic entities: the Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Orthodox Church, namely its subdivision – the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. According to MK, the expenses for the transportation and conservation of the Trinity are covered by the ROC. More precisely, one of its main sponsors is Russian Railways.

I must say that a year ago, the railway workers also participated in the transportation of the Trinity on a three-day tour to the Lavra. Now they, too, “fit” into the transportation, which is just right for them. As for the preparation of the premises in the Grabar Center, there were no special expenses. In the restoration center, there was already a room with all the necessary conditions – the installation of a temperature and humidity regime and lighting, now it has simply been set up for the “Trinity”.

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