Inmate raped with a mop had a prolapse of the intestines


Human rights activist Svyatoslav Khromenkov spoke about the situation.

In 2019, Takhirjon Bakiyev was sentenced to seven years in prison on charges of stealing weapons. First, the man served his sentence in Angarsk, then he was transferred to the Irkutsk colony.

In 2021, Bakiyev complained to the administration of the colony about a quarrel with prisoners. Instead of extinguishing the conflict, the operatives placed him in the barracks, where there were “developers” – the so-called prisoners who cooperate with the colony authorities. There Takhirjon was tortured: he was raped with a mop, his intestines were torn.

The story of bullying in the Irkutsk colony received wide publicity.

In January 2021, a criminal case was opened on the torture of Bakiyev. The head of the Irkutsk colony and two operatives were sentenced to 5 years in prison. The trials of the prisoners who raped Takhirjon are still ongoing.

Bakiyev himself, after being tortured, was transferred to the hospital, where he underwent an operation. Now he is an invalid with a colostomy bag. Over time, the man began to have complications: part of the intestine fell out.

Human rights activist Svyatoslav Khromenkov spoke about the condition of the victim.

– Tahir has a colostomy bag attached to his stomach – it needs to be changed quite often. Two years ago, the tanks for receiving feces were handed over to him by caring people, in the colony Bakiyev was not given anything, – says Khromenkov. – A couple of weeks ago, he said that at the moment there are 30 bags left. On average, one package costs 500 rubles. Expensive. Tahir is forced to save them, to use them longer than the due date. He removes the bag himself, erases and puts it back on. As I understand it, if these products are used several times, then they need to be disinfected, and behind bars there are no conditions for this.

Tahir also complained that his intestines had come out. A doctor came to him, but not a surgeon, but either a general practitioner or a nurse. According to the unfortunate, the medical worker was surprised why he was not given a bandage after the operation, then the intestine would not have fallen out. Bakiyev is worried that the intestines will begin to dry out and die. And if it breaks, it can get infected.

We wrote complaints about the conditions of his detention. After appeals, Bakiyev was transferred to a cell that is much different from the one where he was previously held. Tahira underwent a medical examination and was booked in for an MRI at an Irkutsk hospital. In addition, Bakiyev was visited by the prosecutor, who took an explanation from him regarding our appeals.

– Now there are trials of those who tortured Bakiyev. Does he attend meetings?

– Yes, that’s why he is not in the colony, but in the pre-trial detention center of Irkutsk, from where he is taken to the courts. The head of the colony, who gave the order for Bakiyev to be sent to the “developers” barracks, has already been convicted. They put two operatives who tied him up and dragged him. Now there is a trial of specific executors. At that moment, when I represented the interests of Bakiyev, none of them pleaded guilty. But after I gave an interview on this topic, I was removed from the case. The process was closed.

I guess those who tortured Tahir didn’t think he would survive. But Bakiyev survived and told everything.

Why wasn’t he released on parole after the incident?

– The administration of the colony gave him a negative description. In our opinion, this is revenge. According to Bakiyev, he was asked to reconcile with the parties to the conflict, to give other evidence about the head of the colony and the operative, they promised concessions, to help with parole. Tahir refused.

Does he have a place to go after his release?

– He has nowhere to return – no home, no family. It seems that his aunt lived in the Irkutsk region, but he does not maintain relations with her. Lost contact with ex-wife. He has no parents. There are several institutions in the region that accept former prisoners, provide them with housing, and find jobs as janitors, carpenters, and welders. But I do not know the facts that people with disabilities were taken there, because they need care. And Tahir’s anus is sewn up, the natural feces go into the colostomy bag. How can he be free to carry out normal life without special care? No way…

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