In Vitebsk, the heirs of Shatunov were found: there are rights to the hit “Gray Night”


Yuri Shatunov’s hit “Gray Night” unexpectedly found a new owner at the International Arts Festival in Vitebsk. While a real fight is going on for the artist’s creative heritage, the famous song has found a copyright holder.

Recall that the courts for the right to perform songs that made Yuri Shatunov a star dragged on for many years during his lifetime. It is possible that in the near future legal proceedings will continue between the artist’s widow Svetlana and the producer of “Tender May” Andrei Razin. So far, according to Razin, it is forbidden to perform the hits “Gray Night”, “Childhood”, “White Roses” and others.

Meanwhile, in Vitebsk, the hit “Gray Night” was unexpectedly performed by the group “Discomafia”. The audience, barely hearing a familiar tune, immediately jumped up from their seats and began to dance. And the journalists were perplexed: by what right did the “Discomafia” perform the “Grey Night”, because after the death of Shatunov, Razin declared that all rights belong to him. However, the soloists of “Discomafia” confessed to “MK” behind the scenes that they have the legal right to perform the legendary hit.

– We have official performing rights, – says the soloist of the group Oleg Kudryavtsev. – We have been singing “Sedoyu noch” for a long time. But in connection with recent events, a new flavor has appeared. Before each performance, we remember Yura, who was our friend and comrade. His passing is a great loss for us.

According to the soloists of the group, Shatunov heard their version of “Gray Night” during his lifetime. And he was very pleased with what he heard.

— We did the arrangement abroad, — Oleg explains. – It was actually prepared by the same team that made the same arrangement for Jure. We did the cover first. And he really went to Yura. He even said: “Listen, I tried to remake “Silhouette Night”, but somehow it didn’t work out for me. And you went straight to the point. I also want to do.” We said “Of course, Yur, what’s the problem?”. Therefore, he had almost the same phonogram as ours.

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