In the new “Last Hero” Viktor Khorinyak has aged 20 years


The movie will turn into a TV series

Viktor Khorinyak again tried on the image of Ivan from The Last Hero, but this time he is no longer a dashing adventurer, but a fifty-year-old man and the father of two daughters. The popular film turns into a TV series, the shooting of which began in Moscow.

In the filmography of Viktor Khorinyak, “heroic” films are of particular importance and it can be assumed that all his young fans know the actor in this image. The film trilogy will be continued in the form of a series, the action of which takes place twenty years after the finale of the last film, and the character of Khorinyak in the new project is no longer the main one.

Ivan is a man in his fifties, brings up two daughters (they are played by Evelina Mazurina and Arina Rozhkova), seems to be thinking about a well-deserved rest. However, the villains have other plans and the life of the already middle-aged wizard is in jeopardy.

In the script of the series, an unobtrusive feminist flair can be traced. If in the films mostly men were heroes, then girls will also fight in the new project. One of Ivan’s daughters will return to 2017, where she will find her father in her youth, the second will take the fight in her own time.

Kirill Zaitsev, Elena Yakovleva, Vladislav Vetrov and other actors returned from the usual cast to the set, in addition to Viktor Khorinyak. Alexander Lykov, Tatyana Dogileva, Yulia Peresild, Alexandra Ursulyak, Dmitry Lysenkov, Alexander Ustyugov, Oleg Chugunov, Nikita Kologrivy are also involved in the filming.

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