In the Far East and Eastern Siberia, settlements are flooded due to rain


In the Primorsky Territory, after the cyclone that hit the day before, six settlements were cut off, local residents are asked to refrain from traveling to the southern and southeastern territories of the region.

“Transport communication with six settlements (Yakonovka, Slinkino, Klyuch Romanovsky, Veseliy, Skvortsovo, Partizan) has been disrupted,” reports today Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for Primorye.

According to the government of the region, a total of 152 private sector houses with a population of 215 people were out of transport accessibility. “To eliminate the consequences of emergency situations associated with heavy rainfall, a group of forces consisting of 2013 people and 1035 pieces of equipment was formed in the municipalities of the Primorsky Territory,” the statement says. message.

“Drivers are asked to refrain from traveling in the southern and southeastern territories of the region,” the government of Primorye calls. Overflows were recorded on 11 sections of local roads in eight municipalities of Primorye – Pogranichny, Oktyabrsky, Khasansky, Ussuriysky, Partizansky, Anuchinsky, Lazovsky and Mikhailovsky.

According to Primgidromet, heavy and very heavy rains with a total precipitation of 30–96 mm were observed in the southern half of the region under the influence of a cyclone over the past day. It is expected that the maximum flood “with flooding of low floodplains, farmland and road sections” will take place today, July 6.

IN Trans-Baikal Territory due to heavy rainfall, there was a rise in water levels in streams and small rivers. How informs the regional Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, this led to the flooding of five settlements, where four sections of roads with a length of 11 km, 140 household plots and 33 residential buildings (in most of which water entered the basements), where 471 people live, suffered from water. In addition, two road bridges were partially damaged. The department notes that 115 people, including 15 children, were evacuated and settled with relatives. In flooded areas, “round-the-clock monitoring of the hydrological situation is organized”, the level of the rivers is measured every two hours.

In the city Baikalsk, Irkutsk region state of emergency has been introduced. The city is located in the Slyudyansky district of the Baikal region, where 116 mm of precipitation fell overnight, clarifies Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the region. The area is located in the foothills of Khamar-Daban, so “small mountain rivers and streams in a matter of minutes can turn into turbulent streams.” Mayor Vasily Tegmenevsky announced evacuation for residents of several apartment buildings.

Alexey Chernyshev, Vladivostok Vlad Nikiforov, Irkutsk

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