In Russia, assessed the threat of the spread of anthrax


Rospotrebnadzor: the threat of the spread of anthrax in Russia is excluded

The threat of epidemiological spread of anthrax in the Russian Federation is excluded, the disease is not transmitted from person to person, Rospotrebnadzor reported.

Earlier it was reported that during the observation, anthrax was diagnosed in three more residents of Tuva, who were engaged in butchering a horse carcass in the Barun-Khemchik region of the republic. All the rest are monitored by doctors around the clock.

The victims were hospitalized, they are provided with all the necessary medical care, shared the details in the department.

The anti-epidemic detachment of Rospotrebnadzor is carrying out preventive measures in the outbreak, disinfection was carried out in the pasture, in the shepherd’s parking lot and in those places where the sick are (the area of ​​treated territories exceeded 11.5 thousand square meters).

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