In “Lenkom” told about the condition of director Panfilov


Director of “Lenkom” Varshaver: the health of director Gleb Panfilov is improving

The famous director Gleb Panfilov is getting better, he was transferred from intensive care to a hospital ward. Mark Varshaver, director of the “Lenkom Mark Zakharova” theater, announced the improvement in his condition.

Panfilov was reported to have been hospitalized with a stroke at the Sklifosovsky Institute on May 11. The medical facility later informed that the director was in serious condition.

“Gleb Anatolyevich is already better, he has already started talking …,” said the director of the theater. “He was transferred from a rehabilitation center.” “The main thing is that he is in the ward, and not in intensive care,” Varshaver emphasized.

Panfilov is now 89 years old. In 1966, he began working at Lenfilm, filming his feature debut “There is no ford in the fire.”

The film director shot the pictures “Valentina”, “I ask for words”, “Theme”, “Vassa”, “Mother”. As a theater director, Panfilov staged performances at the Theater of Nations and Lenkom.

In 1970, he made the film “The Beginning” with Inna Churikova in the title role, during the filming they got married. People’s Artist of the USSR Churikova passed away on January 14, 2023.

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