In Britain, they spoke about the consequences for NATO in the transfer of cluster munitions to Kyiv


Ex-head of the British General Staff Dannat: the transfer of cluster munitions to Ukraine threatens to split within NATO

United States President Joe Biden’s decision to transfer cluster munitions to Ukraine creates the risk of a split within the North Atlantic alliance. This was announced by the head of the General Staff of the British Army Richard Dannat in an interview with the TV channel sky news.

“Declaration to send this weapon [кассетных боеприпасов — прим.] at this stage, with such a large number of NATO countries having banned it, entails to some extent the risk of disturbing harmony in NATO, ”said Dannat.

He emphasized that he was making such statements on the eve of the NATO summit, which will be held in Vilnius on July 11-12, noting that one of the tasks at the upcoming event will be to demonstrate unity within the Western military bloc.

In turn, Dannat clarified that he understands why the American leadership made such a decision, but added that the use of cluster munitions entails great danger.

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