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Turkish cruise industry leader Miray Cruises has announced changes to the Astoria Grande’s itineraries for the 2023 season. Summer cruises to Turkey, starting from Sochi on July 22 and 29, will call from the Georgian resort of Batumi. The itinerary of the winter tour to Alexandria now includes a stop in the Israeli port of Ashdod and a tour of Jerusalem. Cruise guests will be able to visit more countries and experience without having to apply for visas.

The changes affected not only the routes, but also the content of the Astoria Grande and the cultural program of the cruises. A large children’s playground and a separate lounge area appeared on the liner. Each of the three restaurants offers a new menu from chef Emil Aliyev. The show program is complemented by theme parties, and the Bize Lizu ballet troupe from St. Petersburg will perform daily in the two-story Theater Grande concert hall.

Elizabeth Fedutinova

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