In 2022, the Russian budget received over 17 billion rubles of undisclosed revenues


At the end of 2022, the Russian state treasury received outstanding payments in the amount of 17.26 billion rubles. This is stated in report Accounts Chamber on budget execution. In total, over the past year, the budget received 245 types of income not included in the forecast, totaling 59.123 billion rubles, excluding income received abroad.

A number of unrecorded receipts included payments for personal income tax from an amount of more than 5 million rubles. Due to them, the budget was replenished by 10 billion rubles. Also, the treasury received income from the excise tax on liquid steel (4.9 billion rubles) and returns of the balance of transfers of previous years from non-budgetary funds (3.7 billion rubles). The Ministry of Finance established the type and belonging of income to the budget. The total amount of clarifications reached RUB 879.1 million, including RUB 21.2 million for outstanding payments.

The total amount of income in 2022 for the Ministry of Finance, according to the report of the Accounts Chamber, amounted to 99.3 billion rubles, which is 23.4% of the plan. This is mainly due to a decrease in payments from the management of the National Wealth Fund and the non-receipt of dividends on shares of Russian banks. Expenses were executed at the level of 97.2% (9.5 trillion rubles). The resulting balance in the amount of 271.5 billion rubles. (2.8%) is due to the non-use of reserved funds.

In the first quarter of 2023, the federal budget deficit made up RUB 2.402 trillion During this period, federal budget expenditures amounted to 8 trillion rubles, which is 38%, or 2.2 trillion rubles, more than the previous similar indicator. In January-March, the budget received 22% of the projected level – 5.7 trillion rubles. income. Oil and gas revenues accounted for 1.6 trillion rubles, non-oil and gas – 4 trillion rubles. According to the Accounts Chamber, the volume of income fell by 20.7%, by 1484.9 billion rubles.

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