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Matcha manicure is a new trend that will be with us for a long time. Kommersant Style finds out why this shade has become popular and talks about the most interesting and wearable nail design options with his participation.

Spring sets the mood for freshness and renewal, starting with the transition to lighter herbal scents to green outfits and, of course, manicures. Nails of pistachio or shades of “match” look very relevant. Matcha or matcha is a Japanese powdered tea that is traditionally used in the classical Japanese tea ceremony. In any coffee shop, you can ask for such tea or coffee with a matcha additive – it is believed that these drinks can not only quickly activate brain activity, but also can improve attention, concentration and cognitive abilities of a person.

Manicure in pale green shades has almost the same effect: it is universal, it can be used with different combinations of colors, and for any skin tone. And what is important – it sets you in a working mood and perfectly improves your mood.

Irina Kirienko

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