Igor Kolyvanov spoke about the transition of Fernandez to Zenit


In Russian football, the off-season continues, which brings with it the transfer window, which gives the players the opportunity to find a new job, and the clubs to strengthen the composition. Now the Russian football market is limited, it is difficult to attract foreign players, and only internal personnel can be hoped for.

“Zenith” from St. Petersburg is preparing for the start of the next season, where he is ready to become a champion and lift the cup over his head for the 6th time in a row. Active “Zenith” and the transfer market, especially the media received the news that a contract with a team from St. Petersburg will sign Mario Fernandez – the legend of CSKA Moscow. He said he would never move to Zenit.

Igor Kolyvanov reacted to the news about the transition of Fernandez to Zenit

“For me, to be honest, this is nonsense – Fernandez’s transfer to Zenit. After all, he spent so many years in CSKA! And it seems, as I understand it, CSKA made an offer to him … Well, probably, Mario Fernandez just wants more once to become a champion,” Kolyvanov said.

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