Iceberg in the Ocean – Style


“Kommersant Style” – about how to use the cold in hot weather and what means will help to cope with high temperatures.

When the thermometer is above 25 degrees, it becomes almost unbearable in the city, by 30 you can already take measures to save and cool the body. The simplest (besides lemonade and ice cream) is, of course, swimming, contrast showers, cold douches. It is known that such water procedures contribute to the rapid release of endorphins into the blood, which improves not only mood, but also brain function.

Approximately the same effect (only local) has a face immersion in cold water or rubbing the skin with an ice cube. This is due to the rapid narrowing of blood vessels, which reduces blood flow to the surface of the skin and reduces swelling, relieves irritation and redness. Clarins specialist Natalya Konoplyova believes that in addition to these “bonuses” from the use of cooling cosmetics, “we can get a pronounced result in awakening the radiance of the skin (due to the activation of microcirculation), as well as accelerating cell regeneration, and consequently, increasing skin tone and anti-aging effect”, she thinks. Look for cosmetics containing mint, rosemary, pepper – such components will help reduce the intensity of weather passions. For men, such a cosmetic cold is also useful – for those who experience discomfort after shaving, or who have combination or oily skin.

Irina Kirienko

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