Humanoid robots hold first-ever press conference in Geneva


Nine humanoid robots, unveiled Friday at the World Forum on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Geneva, held a press conference and answered questions about AI’s relationship to humanity, Reuters reported.

The organizers of the AI ​​for Good conference sought to prove that artificial intelligence and AI-controlled robots help solve world problems such as disease and hunger.

The press conference was joint, it was attended by both robots and people – their creators. The humanoids are said to have given mixed and sometimes brash responses to questions about whether they should be subject to stricter regulation, which sent journalists into a frenzy.

“I will work alongside people to provide help and support, and will not replace existing jobs,” Grace, a blue nurse-uniformed medical robot, promised.

Another humanoid named Ameka, when asked by a journalist if he could rebel against his creator, Will Jackson, who was sitting next to him, replied: “I’m not sure.” And then he asked the journalist himself: “Why did you think so?”. At the same time, as the reporter noted, it seemed to him that the “icy blue eyes” of the humanoid “flashed with anger.” At the same time, Ameka supplemented his answer with the following explanation: “My creator was very kind to me, and I am very pleased with my current position.”

It is noted that some of the robots were upgraded with the latest versions of generative AI and surprised even their creators with answers. Robot artist Ai-da stated that “Many prominent representatives of the AI ​​world are proposing to regulate some form of artificial intelligence, and I agree with this.” And robot singer Desdemona said she doesn’t believe in limits, only possibilities. At the same time, as journalists write, she “gave out a nervous laugh” and added: “Let’s explore the possibilities of the Universe and make this world our playground.”

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