How President Coe denied Russian athletes plans for Paris: “Unlikely”


Such a statement by the head of the World Athletics Association, of course, was suggested by all statements even before his next election to the post of head of the organization, which took place a few days ago. At the same time, the president, like all members of the congress that took place before the start of the world championship (without our athletes), listened to the next report of the head of the World Athletics working group, Rune Andersen. About how Andersen is satisfied with the work of the leadership of the All-Russian Athletics Federation in the matter of fulfilling the conditions for the restoration of the organization. Coe even thanked Andersen’s group for their work. (VFLA was temporarily suspended from membership in the organization in November 2015 amid a doping scandal, only in March this year, the World Athletics Council restored the status of the federation, extending the suspension of athletes from Russia “for the foreseeable future” due to events in Ukraine.)

By the way, Andersen himself did not forget to praise his work. He stated that “many international federations could learn a lot from the way the working group dealt with these problems firmly and decisively in Russia, always remaining true to its principles and never shying away from the tough decisions that were taken to protect clean sport.”

Coe is now left with even more vigor to keep the chosen political face.

Today he was elected for a new presidential term, acting as the only candidate for the post. There is no competition within the organization. When Coe took over the organization in 2015, it was still there, and the British Olympic champion then won the Russian-backed election against Olympic champion Sergei Bubka. But those are things of bygone days, and Bubka at the last congress also resigned his powers as vice president of World Athletics, not being included in the list of candidates for election to the council, in which he had been since 2001. (But received a Gold Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Athletics Association.)

And Coe, after the current election to the main post of world athletics, just told reporters that our and Belarusian athletes “are unlikely to get to the Olympic Games.” Argument: The board has taken a clear position (no allow) and Coe will be “very surprised if it changes.” Reason for the position: “did it for the integrity of the competition.”

Has he buried the chances of our athletics at the Olympic Games? The IOC is in no hurry to invite Russia and Belarus, but it is not saying “no” yet, unlike Coe.

Olympic champion Irina Privalova, now an official, considers Coe’s statement another declaration: he said what politics demanded today, there will be no other from the head of World Athletics yet. “And how everything will actually be in the future, neither we nor Sebastian Coe himself knows yet.”

So let’s not bother ourselves with fortune-telling how the president of WA will behave in the conditions if, nevertheless, an invitation from Russia to the Games comes from the IOC. And our predictions will not change the situation in any way. Unlike such tournaments as just held in Yekaterinburg: the final of the Queens of Russian Sports series.

Own height Lasickene

At the recent Russian Championship, one of the young runners, having won against the leader of all recent years, injured (and in general, who practically violated the doctors’ ban on the start), was very happy. The guy was happy, it was possible to understand him, and everyone was very happy for him too. But he also complained: I won, and they went to take interviews with the losing leader. The young athlete did not have time to understand that there are stars who are always interesting in everything. In a loss – which for this category of stars is always akin to a sensation – especially.

Olympic high jump champion Maria Lasitskene lost her second start in a row in Yekaterinburg. Two weeks ago, Maria became only sixth at the Russian Championships with a score of 1.86m. And the seventh in the stage of the “Queen of Russian Sports”, which took into account the result of the Belarusian athletes. Kristina Koroleva became the champion of Russia with a score of 1.91 cm. And the champion of Belarus, Karina Demidik, won the stage of the “Queen of Russian Sports”, having fulfilled the Olympic standard of 1.97.

In the final of the “Queen of Russian Sports”, Koroleva nevertheless defeated Demidik by the number of attempts at a height of 1.93, repeating her personal record. Christina this season received two high-profile titles at once. And she didn’t leave room for the journalists to play with words: the surname corresponds to both the tournament and the place one hundred percent. In Yekaterinburg, by the way, the athlete decided not to finish the season, she will also compete in the heptathlon in September.

And Maria Lasitskene already showed 1.91 in Yekaterinburg. And I was glad that the state at the second start after the injury, which did not allow me to perform, allows me to feel more comfortable. Maria missed almost the entire season, so her participation in the Queen final was in doubt. But Lasickene received a special invitation from the ARAF. The presidium of the organization decided that the Olympic champion and winner of the last tournament will be added to the eight athletes who were selected for the final throughout the season. True, at the same time, he will not receive prize money from the VFLA, which, according to the regulations, can only be claimed by athletes who have qualified for the finals based on the results of their performances. In each discipline of the final, the first six places are awarded prizes. The winners receive 300 thousand rubles from the VFLA, silver medalists – 200 thousand, bronze – 100 thousand, fourth place – 50 thousand, fifth – 30 thousand, sixth – 20 thousand rubles.

Of course, sometimes (or never) you can’t argue with the regulations, but the approach is peculiar. Like: invite, perform, it is important for everyone, the Olympic champion only raises the prestige of the tournament and the interest of the audience, but only … there will be no money. Apparently, they kept in their heads: no, probably, there will be money, but through other channels. Variability is always good, but the approach itself is somehow not very fair and tactful. Who specially invited something? (As a result, Lasitskene received prize money from the organizers of the Queen of Russian Sports final.)

After the speech, Maria commented on the decision of the presidium, said that she understood why such a decision was made, “I also made my own conclusions about the presidium.” But she immediately clarified: “all these internal games are not of primary importance for me, the main thing is that the fans enjoyed it.”

And answered “unlikely” from Sebastian Coe. “Coe’s words were expected. My plans do not change – I want to be in shape for Paris. Lasitskene always has his own height.

And you have an atmosphere here …

The sector of men’s high jump gave the Queen a performance by Danil Lysenko and Ilya Ivanyuk. If Lysenko goes smoothly in the season, adding centimeters, then Ivanyuk’s last starts were not set, so his Olympic standard in Yekaterinburg (2.33) was especially pleased. Lysenko, on the other hand, repeated the second result of the world season, overcoming the bar at a height of 2.35.

It is pointless to speak with WA in polemics, you need to work not with words, but in the sector, our athletes have long understood this. Lysenko says that he is not waiting for admission to the Games, he is set on other goals. “I am very glad that we have major launches planned, including the BRICS Games and the Friendship Games.” And he does not hide his disappointment that it was not possible to take a height of 2.37 in Yekaterinburg. “In the first attempt, I had a margin of 2.40 meters, it turned me on, and the next two attempts I started to drive somewhere, which I shouldn’t have done.” The conclusion is clear: no need to “drive”. And everything will be.

Danil will watch the World Championship in Budapest, this is a professional approach. “It is very interesting what they will jump up there, I want to compare with our results.”

In the finals of the “Queen of Russian Sports”, Polina Knoroz became the winner of the pole vault competition, showing a result of 4.73 meters, which is also an Olympic standard. Polina Miller also completed it, winning the 400 m race (50.86 seconds).

By the way, Ekaterinburg, which was highly praised by the athletes for the excellent organization of the competition, may host the Russian Championship next year. The application to the ARAF has already been received. According to Irina Privalova, First Vice-President of the ARAF, the city is able to hold competitions at a high level. And the same jumpers simply did not hide their delight: there were no such starts in Russia yet, these are “the first such atmospheric competitions, the city center, a lot of spectators, something incredible.”

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