High school students in the new academic year will be explained why SVO began


From September 2023, high school students will study the history of Russia using a new unified textbook developed by Presidential Aide Vladimir Medinsky and MGIMO Rector Anatoly Torkunov. This textbook, intended for 11th grade students, covers the period from 1945 to the beginning of the 21st century, Vedomosti specifies.

The cover of the textbook depicts space workers and the Crimean bridge, reflecting the importance of scientific and technological progress and the reunification of Crimea with Russia.

In the last chapter of the textbook, entitled “Russia today. Special military operation” provides a detailed overview of the events that led to the conflict in Ukraine, as well as the special operation itself.

This chapter includes 17 paragraphs covering various aspects of modern history.

Paragraph titles:

  • “Relations with the West at the beginning of the 21st century”
  • “Pressure on Russia from the United States”
  • “Opposing the West’s strategy towards Russia”
  • “Falsification of history”
  • “Revival of Nazism”
  • “Ukrainian neo-Nazism”
  • “Coup in Ukraine 2014”
  • “Return of the Crimea”
  • “The fate of Donbass”
  • “Minsk agreements: what was it?”
  • “Exacerbation of the situation”, “Special military operation”
  • “Confrontation with the West”
  • “New Regions”
  • “Ukraine is a neo-Nazi state”
  • “Northern Military District and Russian Society” and “Russia is a Country of Heroes”.

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