Guests of the Grand Hotel Moika 22 become friends of the Hermitage


The program of cooperation between the Hermitage Friends Club and the Grand Hotel Moika 22 was opened by a tour of the exposition of the Winter Palace of Peter I. It became the first event in the series “Romanov House. Petersburg”, designed specifically for hotel guests who would like not only to visit the Hermitage, but also to contribute to the support of the museum. The program will continue on February 18: at breakfast in the Tea Lounge of the Grand Hotel Moika 22, Senior Researcher at the Department of the History of Russian Culture Natalia Bakhareva will talk about the private and public life of the Russian Empress Catherine II, and then show the exposition “Culture and Art of Russia in the Second Half of the 18th Century” , will lead to the former private chambers of Catherine (now the halls of French painting) and the Great Church of the Winter Palace.

The hotel has prepared a special accommodation offer for the period February 17-19, which includes the author’s program, breakfast at the Beau Rivage restaurant and late check-out until 17:00. The condition for participation is joining the Hermitage Friends’ Club (individual annual participation costs from 8,000 rubles). The card of the Hermitage Friends’ Club entitles you to pass through the Commandant’s Entrance to the main museum complex and the General Staff Building for permanent and all temporary exhibitions (including Egyptomania. To the 200th Anniversary of the Deciphering of Egyptian Hieroglyphs by J.-F. Champollion, Russian Avant-garde Art for a New World”, “Exemplary Art Nouveau Collection. Imperial Porcelain and Glass Factories at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries”) without queuing and without the need to purchase tickets.

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