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She/She on the White Square

The second restaurant, She (eng. “She”), opened in the business district on White Square. This is a joint project of restaurateur Boris Zarkov and Ksenia Sobchak.

She is positioned as a restaurant of the future with such features as digitalization (brand chef with artificial intelligence Sasha Weiner) and responsible consumption, which here has come down not just to the rejection of plastic: bar stools, numbers, some elements of the uniform of waiters are made from recycled plastic, some of the furniture is made from broken chair legs. The interior was created by one of the most famous restaurant designers Natalia Belonogova, she is called the “Queen of Concrete”. Floor-to-ceiling windows in She are literally a portal between the past and the future: through them you can see the Old Believer Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

The menu, fortunately, was developed not by the mythical Sasha Weiner, but by the chef of the Mushrooms restaurant, Yuri Panachev, and the permanent WRF brand chef, Vladimir Mukhin. She’s cuisine is a mix of Asian and Italian cuisine, where Mediterranean and Italian dishes meet Japanese and Pan-Asian recipes.

The starter will serve bread with butter, which is mixed with salted wakame seaweed, miso paste and orange zest – it is served on a substrate of olive oil.

The absolute hit of the local menu in the Buddha Bowl salad section is a plate of avocado, quinoa, kale, falafel and a choice of salmon or shrimp, served with rice sauce and nori seaweed spices. Also in appetizers is an exotic salad with deep-fried shiitake mushrooms, fresh mango and chicken with spices on a bed of tahini sauce. Japanese rolls here are advised to be eaten without soy sauce, so as not to clog the taste of the ingredients with them. The signature She roll with avocado and salmon is wrapped in a mango slice and a drop of sea urchin caviar is added to complete the flavor composition.

She has a Roman pizza on the menu. To get the full picture, you should try the branded assorted pizza, which consists of several flavors at once: teriyaki chicken, ham and mushrooms with tuna chips, kimchi shrimp, burrata and truffle.

She serves okonomiyaki-style black cod patty, a Japanese street food fried flatbread served with avocado puree.

To balance everything you eat, order the refreshing dessert “She Pearl” based on mango with micro pearls and yuzu sorbet. In case you don’t drink alcohol, there is sparkling wine and wine without degrees.

Butyrsky Val street, 10, building A

Daily, from 12:00 to 0:00

Cookies for every taste

Easter is approaching, and Moscow restaurants abound with special offers of Easter cakes for this occasion. Kommersant Style chose the most interesting of them.

Buro Tsum Restaurant serves Easter bread with pistachio custard and toasted meringue.

The Semifreddo restaurant presents Italian panettones from the baker Mauro La Faso, brought from Rome: classic with almonds, pear and chocolate, and signature from the brand chef Nino Graziano.

Also, airy Italian panettone cakes in a stylish gift box are offered by Antonio Freza’s St. Petersburg projects at Fresa`s, Sea, Signora and Marso Polo restaurants.

Andrey Zhdanov, the chef of the Modus restaurant, prepared creative Easter cakes. In the recipe, he used candied fruits, nuts, powdered sugar and orange flavor, snow-white icing and bright decorations, and decorated the top with bright sweet flowers: poppies, peonies, pansies and cornflowers.

The Valiko bakery will present its traditional Easter cakes: they are made with wheat sourdough, stuffed with dried cherries and dried fruits soaked in orange juice and cognac. According to a long tradition, dried lavender and sugar beads are used for decoration.

This year, the real tsar-Kulich will be served to guests at Gvidon: the base is based on wheat sourdough, and inside is a filling of dried fruits, candied oranges and two types of chocolate – white and milk.

In the restaurants of Aram Mnatsakanov, delicate fragrant Easter cakes were prepared and decorated with a spring floral design.

Olga Karpova

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