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The American corporation Google said that it has managed to create a super-powerful quantum computer – it can solve a problem in a few seconds that would take a supercomputer 47 years. This is reported The Telegraph with reference to preprint articles in a scientific journal.

In 2019, Google already announced the creation of a super-powerful quantum computer with a power of 53 qubits, which could execute an algorithm in 200 seconds that would take an IBM supercomputer 10 thousand years, but the company’s achievement in the scientific community was not taken seriously. The new system, according to Google, is 241 million times more powerful than the previous one and can solve a problem in 6.7 seconds that the most powerful Frontier supercomputer would take 47 years to solve. In The Telegram, such power was called quantum superiority.

Earlier, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna said that within three to five years, quantum computers will be able to find commercial applications – this requires quantum computers with the number of qubits from 4 thousand to 10 thousand. Now the most powerful quantum computers do not even have 500 qubits.

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