Frank confession of Margarita Sukhankina: “We have half of the stage with cut off stomachs”


The singer is happy after the operation

The news that the ex-soloist of “Mirage” Margarita Sukhankina made herself a gastric bypass, produced the effect of an exploding bomb. The singer does not hide: she decided to cut off part of the stomach so as not to get better. According to Margarita, many celebrities have done similar operations, but they hide it in every possible way.

“I decided on the operation not by chance: at some point I began to recover catastrophically,” Margarita admits. – I thought: “What should I do?”. I had to see a doctor. Like any self-respecting artist, I periodically use the services of cosmetologists, surgeons … I don’t see anything criminal in this.

According to Sukhankina, the stomach operation was a success. After a short time she was discharged from the hospital, and she was able to return to her normal life.

– In the morning I had an operation, and the next day I went home, – says Margarita. – Sasha Morozov, who is “Bee”, advised me this procedure. He took me to his doctors. They sutured my stomach and that’s it. We have half of the stage itself made this operation. I’m sorry they hide, but I do not hide.

Sukhankina assures that a lot of time has passed since the operation, and her weight does not change. Because of this, the artist can now afford any outfits, including quite revealing ones.

You won’t believe it, I’m so happy! the star says. – Stopped dieting. I eat whatever I want, when I want. In the middle of the night I can afford cakes – yes, anything! And I’m not getting better!

The truncated stomach of the star does not cause problems. According to Sukhankina, her lifestyle has not changed.

“The difference is that before I had an operation on my stomach, I was full and didn’t feel it, because of which I got better,” says Margarita. – And now, after the operation, the body itself says: “Stop. I can’t take food anymore.” That’s all.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 29077 dated July 25, 2023

Newspaper headline:
“We have half of the stage – with cut off stomachs!”

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