First recorded “music of the atom”


Digital production company A4Origin and Grammy-winning DJ Imanbek approached the study of the nature of sound in a very unconventional way. They decided to record the “sound of the atom”, because sound waves are ordered vibrations of atoms. To implement the plan, the musician went to the operating Leningrad NPP. With the help of special microphones that make it possible to hear sounds that are inaccessible to human hearing in a normal environment, it was possible to capture the vibrations in the reactor and convert them into a unique sound, which Imanbek called “atom sound”, atom sound. Based on it, the DJ created the world’s first track from the sounds of a nuclear power plant. You can hear it at the end of the AtomSound documentary, which will premiere on June 17 as part of SPIEF 2023. The film screening will be accompanied by a live performance by Imanbek in the industrial style at Roof Place.

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