Experienced travelers told the features of travel through new territories in the Crimea: “extreme”


The road surface between the Crimea and the Rostov region is very high quality and more and more people use this particular travel option. Most of the way is free, but on the border with the Crimea you will have to stand in a traffic jam. The traffic jam to the Crimea from the Chongar checkpoint stretched for more than 1.5 km. Along the way, you will visit new cities. The path runs through Melitopol, bypassing Berdyansk, and then to Mariupol and Taganrog. The length is 400 km and approximately 5-6 hours drive. For those who are going to drive through the liberated territories, a special instruction has even appeared on the Internet.

We can immediately say that it is better to go during the day, not at night. Despite the safety of the road, you should be careful and careful not to make unnecessary stops – fighting is going on in these regions. Motorists are invited to fill up a full tank before leaving, take a lot of drinking water and cash with them. It is not recommended to stop in places not equipped for parking, this should be done only in large cities or at gas stations. By the way, they are quite frequent and occur every 50 – 10 kilometers. Gas stations accept cards and you can have lunch. Tasty food is also prepared in cities, for example, in Melitopol. You can also withdraw cash there. But insurance policies, unfortunately, do not work in the new territories.

You can’t avoid meeting in the military along the way, it’s better to skip cars marked “Z” and “V”. At checkpoints, it is not recommended to be rude or “swing rights”, since martial law is in force in the new territories. You can ask the military or police for help if needed. The driver must always have documents with him, the soldiers may require an identity card or inspect the car.

It is worth taking care of geolocation in advance. For example, download route maps in case the Internet or connection is lost. But what you definitely shouldn’t do is photograph the movement of the military and their geolocation so that you are not mistaken for a saboteur of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. You can’t go into forests and fields and it’s better not to turn off the road to no one knows where.

And finally, the memo recommends keeping calm and courtesy, because in the NWO zone everything is built on mutual respect and patience.

“The road there is good, not Tauris, of course, but very good,” says the driver Alexander, “Well, our tourists will see what the situation is like there, I think many will understand the seriousness of the situation. Yes, it’s better not to take pictures at all, and I don’t advise walking on green grass … “

– What is the difficulty of traveling through new territories?

– Many military posts with queues where you can stand for quite a long time.

However, some prefer to avoid traveling to new territories and prefer to queue up to cross the Crimean Bridge, or wait for the ferry. “The route through the new territories is not the most convenient,” says Olga, “Pure water extreme. And if you go, then only without the kids.

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