Eva Longoria reveals why Hollywood workers are on strike


Eva Longoria links Hollywood worker strikes to 18-hour work shifts

Famous actress Eva Longoria called the reason why Hollywood workers began to go on strike. It is reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the actress, the cause of mass discontent was the 18-hour work shifts on the set. She stressed that Hollywood currently has an “archaic approach” to filming film projects.

“We need to constantly continue to work, work drives itself,” admitted Longoria.

The celebrity also stressed that it is necessary to revise the wages of Hollywood workers if their activities are so necessary.

Let’s remind, on May, 1st the agreement between the Writers Guild of the USA and the Alliance of producers of motion pictures and television products expired. The agreement regulates the procedure for transferring funds from film studios to scriptwriters. If, by the time the previous agreement expires, the parties have not reached an agreement on the terms of the new one, the Guild leadership announces a strike.

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