Elena Podkaminskaya tried on shoulder straps in the series


The actress will play a police major

Elena Podkaminskaya is dressed in all black, and, it must be admitted, the rocker leather jacket suits her very well. Such a change of image is dictated by the fact that after popular comedies, the actress plays in a detective story, and jokes are bad with her heroine.

In the new series, which was filmed in Moscow and Tver, Elena got the role, frankly, unexpected. The actress has never played a woman in uniform, but is determined to fill this gap in her career.

According to the plot of the series, the heroine of Podkaminskaya is a major in the police department of its own security. The character of the lady is not a gift, her service acumen is the envy of many colleagues, therefore, in the service she is called a “shepherd”. However, a cool character does not always bring benefits. After an affair with the boss, Major Nesterova was sent on a business trip away from Moscow.

The director of the series, Dmitry Cherkasov, is not at all embarrassed by the complete absence of such roles in Elena’s filmography. At the same time, he hopes that the situation in which the heroine Podkaminskaya will be under the gun of a criminal group will help the actress to open up in new circumstances.

However, Elena will not only fight the villains. Major Nesterova will build relationships with the new bosses, jet partner and a man for whom she has completely untimely feelings.

In addition to Podkaminskaya, Ivan Mulin, Andrey Ivanov, Anton Batyrev and others are involved in the series.

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