Edgard Zapashny complained about the flight of Russian circus performers to Canada


On June 27, the first meeting of the Public Council under the State Duma Committee on Culture opened in the House of Unions. It discussed the problems of training and retaining young specialists in the country.

Speaking at the meeting, the famous trainer Edgard Zapashny complained about the significant outflow of circus personnel from Russia:

“70% of the Canadian circus Cirque du Soleil are Russians,” Zapashny admitted.

The artist drew the attention of the council to the situation when future circus performers receive education at the expense of the state, work for two weeks – quit and go abroad.

Zapashny also said that hundreds of illegal circus schools operate in the regions:

– They are all illegitimate! They do not issue a license – they are not an educational organization. And they work until the first injury, after which the supervisory authorities arrive.

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