Donetsk musicians did not receive instruments due to “rebellion attempt”


“Due to the collapse on the track”

The general director of the Donetsk Philharmonic Alexander Paretsky complained in his personal telegram channel about the delay in a shipment of musical instruments for the capital of the DPR due to the recent situation in Rostov-on-Don:

– Because of the crazy attempts to commit a military rebellion in the country and the collapse caused by this on the M-4 highway, musical instruments donated to the Donetsk Philharmonic orchestras by federal and regional creative teams have not yet arrived in Donetsk. 20 pieces of musical instruments, cases for timpani, mixing console, speakers, rosin, strings, reeds, plastic and more.

In an interview with an MK correspondent, Paretsky specified that the arrival of the cargo is expected on the evening of June 26.

Earlier it was reported that bus service from Donetsk resumed with the neighboring Rostov region and Moscow.

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