Donetsk children are expected in Crimea and Krasnodar


But parents need to take care of their rest in advance.

A few days ago, Donetsk again shuddered from explosions. Perhaps, the calm days for the whole year, when Donetsk residents do not hear the ominous “exits”, the whistle and rustle of shells, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. And again, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the long-suffering Petrovsky district, where children were playing on the playground at the time of the shelling. The guys managed to hide in the entrance. A day later, history repeated itself, but already on the playground in Yasinovataya. Despite the summer, there are enough children in Donetsk.

The whole horror is that even children in the DPR can distinguish the “exit” of the projectile and that little people are exposed to danger every day. Many families with children left the dangerous areas of Donetsk, choosing to live either in other cities of the Russian Federation or in relatively quiet rear areas of the city. And, of course, despite the complexity of the situation in the DPR, each of the parents wants their child to spend the summer not under the cannonade of heavy guns, but in an ecologically clean place in the company of their peers. Where can young residents of Donetsk have a rest this summer?

Let’s start with a holiday in the DPR. On June 1, the government of the Republic officially announced the start of the summer health campaign.

The usual summer camps in the cities of the Republic this year are working in a remote format. There are more than one and a half hundred of them, and thanks to the work of teachers, many children who had problems with the educational program during the school year got a chance to catch up.

If parents want to personally take care of their child’s vacation, then the Zoo in Pridorozhny receives visitors every day. The family can go on vacation to the “Donetsk Ridge” on the territory of the landscape park or on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov. As always, vacationers are waiting for Sedovo and Bezymennoye. This year Urzuf, Melekino, Berdyansk and Blosarai spit have been added to the list of seaside resorts.

Children can also visit children’s camps and recreation centers outside the DPR. Acting spoke about this. Minister of Education and Science of the Republic Olga Koludarova. Each parent of a child from 9 years old can write an application addressed to the principal of the school where the child is studying, or submit an application to the Department of Education. This year, the regions-chiefs took up the health-improving recreation of children from the DPR, thanks to which the quotas of places for recreation were increased. It is rather difficult to name clear requirements for registering a child’s trip outside the republic, since the procedure for selecting candidates is changing. For example, if parents want their child to rest in the most famous camp “Artek”, you need to go to the website of the international children’s center and leave an application there for consideration. You can also use the Voucher system, where data about the child and his achievements are loaded.

Trade unions help the children of civil servants to go on summer holidays at minimal cost.

Some charitable foundations in Russia organize trips for republican children to health camps free of charge. Usually representatives of the foundation contact parents personally. But parents should take care of their child’s vacation in advance: find out at an educational institution or on the website of the Ministry of Education of the DPR where you need to apply, prepare a competent portfolio for selection on a trip, prepare documents (some camps require medical insurance), not hoping that the chance to spend the holidays where -someday by the sea or in a pine forest, their child will appear without any effort.

It is worth noting that gifted children, orphans deprived of parental care, disabled children and children of the defenders of Donbass will go to health camps and centers of the Russian Federation during the summer without selection.

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