Dmitry Dibrov flew to France


Starhit: TV presenter Dibrov took his family to France, where their eldest daughter and granddaughter live

TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov went on vacation to France in the company of his wife and three sons. How writes “Starhit”, first the family visited Cannes, then – Provence and the Cote d’Azur.

The publication suggests that during the trip, the presenter intends, among other things, to meet with his eldest daughter Lada. A few years ago, the heiress gave birth to the star of the Russian television screen, granddaughter Mia.

In the first marriage, Dibrov’s son Denis was born, but the family union that arose in his youth, in the mid-80s, did not last long. In the second marriage, the future TV presenter had a daughter, who, after the divorce of her parents, moved with her mother to live in Paris. In 2019, she gave dad a granddaughter. At the end of the “zero” Dibrov married for the third time – to a girl who was a quarter of a century younger, and this marriage did not last even a year. Soon after the divorce, he met true love – Polina, who became the fourth wife and gave birth to the host of three sons. It is noteworthy that Dibrov’s young wife is the same age as his daughter, with whom she can now make friends in France.

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