Director Mitta ended up in the Moscow Botkin hospital – Kommersant


Film director Alexander Mitta was sent to the Botkin hospital in Moscow, reports REN TV. Source Izvestia claims that Mr. Mitta is paralyzed.

According to REN TV, Mr. Mitta was hospitalized due to a serious deterioration in his health. Telegram-channel Baza claims that the reason for the hospitalization of the film director was a stroke.

Meanwhile, in conversation with TASS the director’s son Yevgeny Mitta said that he had no information about the deterioration of his father’s health and, according to him, “everything is fine with Alexander Mitta.”

Alexander Mitta was born on March 28, 1933 in Moscow. He became the first director in the history of Soviet cinema to shoot a disaster film: the film Crew with Leonid Filatov and Anatoly Vasilyev was released in 1979. Also, Alexander Mitta made such films as “Shine, shine, my star”, “The Tale of how Tsar Peter the Black Married”, “Point, dot, comma”, “Border. Taiga novel.

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