Director Andrey Zhitinkin warned the artists: “Don’t let us rent your bedrooms!”


During the live broadcast of “Theatre Wednesday” with Marina Raikina from the MK press center, theater director Andrei Zhitinkin warned the actors against revealing the details of their personal lives.

“When the theater opens up and shows its kitchen from the inside – well, why? When the secret goes away and when everything is for sale, it’s not interesting, says Zhitinkin. – I beg the actors: do not let glossy magazines shoot your bedrooms in country houses and your pools. Why do you destroy magic and sorcery?

Did anyone know how Gurchenko spends his evenings? Has she ever shown how she lives? She didn’t let anyone into her world. Instead, it’s just distance. And it earned respect.

Today, by the way, some young stars are also a little closed from the viewer. Now they ask me why, for example, Dima Dyuzhev is so nervous. Yes, because once on tour after the performance, some teenager threw ink at him and began to shoot it himself. Of course, such situations create discomfort for the actors, and they have become cautious. Sometimes, to get a good shot, people act weird.”

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