Died actress from “Carnival Night” Evgenia Shmelev


Actress from “Carnival Night” Evgenia Shmeleva died at the age of 91

The star of “Carnival Night” Yevgeny Shmelev died at the age of 91. TV presenter Andrey Malakhov spoke about this, recalling that a couple of months ago, the guests of his studio were the three Shmelev sisters – 92-year-old Valentina, 90-year-old Evgenia, and 89-year-old Olga. He is quoted by “Kinocracy”.

It was they who performed the famous composition “Tanya-Tanya” in the musical comedy by Eldar Ryazanov.

“Ryazanov invited the Shmelev sisters to his film already as accomplished stars, and Lyudmila Gurchenko was promising, but just a beginner,” Malakhov wrote.

He noted that each of the sisters was overtaken by misfortune – their children did not live to be 35 years old, leaving their parents. The Shmelevs did not have the opportunity to make repairs in the apartment – the Malakhov team helped them with this.

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