Diana Arbenina said she was not going to leave Russia


The leader of the “Night Snipers” Arbenina said she was not going to leave Russia

Singer Diana Arbenina, leader of the Night Snipers group, called on the media and telegram channels not to spread false information about her and her activities.

In a commentary to TASS, Arbenina stressed that she remains with her listeners and does not comment on the fakes of “incomprehensible Telegram channels” that are trying to fool the people, passing off their fantasies as her statements.

The artist also added that she lives in Russia and shares the current situation with the citizens of her country. She urged “headline lovers” to rely on facts and her direct speech, and not wishful thinking.

Earlier, several concert venues in different cities of Russia canceled Arbenina’s performances, but in Nalchik, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Volgograd and Moscow, concerts will take place, as the organizers promise.

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