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Management companies may be granted the right to install charging stations for electric vehicles (ECS) in parking lots and adjacent territories without the consent of residents and contacting energy supply organizations. It is reported “News” with reference to a letter from the Ministry of Construction sent to enterprises in the housing and communal services sector. Developers may also be required to install charging already at the stage of construction of residential buildings.

The head of the commission on housing and communal services of the Public Council under the Ministry of Construction, Irina Bulgakova, said that technical and legal standards for the installation of EZS are being worked out. According to her, they are discussing what participation the management companies will take in the installation process, who will be able to use the stations – everyone or only the residents of the house, as well as how electricity will be paid. The Ministry of Construction itself did not give details of the initiative.

In Moscow, according to the mayor’s office, established about 400 charging stations for electric vehicles, some of which are free. The authorities spent more than 100 million rubles on their installation in 2022. The Russian authorities are trying to encourage drivers to switch to electric cars. The owners of such vehicles are offered various benefits, including free parking and travel in dedicated lanes, as well as discounts on the use of toll roads.

Details – in the material “Kommersant” “Russia is great, but there is nothing to charge”.

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