Detained on suspicion of killing Rzhitsky is a master of sports in karate


Detained on suspicion of the murder of Rzhitsky is the president of the Ukrainian Federation of Shotokan Karate-do

Telegram channel 112 posted a photo of Sergei Denisenko, 64, who was detained on suspicion of the murder of Stanislav Rzhitsky in Krasnodar, surrounded by karatekas.

In the picture in a kimono and Denisenko himself.

The Telegram channel reports that he is the President of the Shotokan Karate-Do Federation of Ukraine SKIF, the owner of the eighth dan, Honored Coach of Ukraine and Honored Master of Sports.

Earlier it was reported about the detention of a native of Ukraine, Sergei Denisenko, suspected of murdering the military commissar and ex-captain of the Krasnodar and Alros submarines Stanislav Rzhitsky.

During the arrest, Denisenko was found to have a pistol with a silencer, from which the murder was allegedly committed.

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