“Destroy”: Michel Houellebecq against apathy


However, Pelevin is already more of a chronicler – his latest books summarize and explain more than they prophesy. Welbeck successfully maintains his fame. For example, Serotonin (2019) is believed to have foreseen the scope of the yellow vest movement. “Destroy” (released at home in January 2022) looks at first glance like a prediction novel. Events unfold in France in the very near future, in addition to purely fictional characters, there are quite real ones. Critics recognize Emmanuel Macron in the outgoing president, Bruno Le Maire, the current Minister of Economy and Finance and friend of Houellebecq, in Bruno Jugé. On the pages of the book, under their own names, far-right politicians Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour, Macron’s rivals in the 2022 elections, are also mentioned.

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